Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taco Mexico

Yesterday NA and I got the urge to revisit Taco Zorro. We ran into a bunch of traffic on our way up towards Sherman Way and did a detour. We ended up on Van Nuys Blvd. Hanging at another jammed stoplight we decided to take a chance with an taco shop set in an old Arbys building.

Fortune favors the bold.

So today is another day. We return for dos mas. RD joins the crew and we double down with a burrito and two plates of four of Taco Mexico's best.
NA beholds the joy he has found. He went burrito.
Programmers are a jaded bunch when it comes to fast food. We eat a lot of stuff most of it of questionable benefit to our future health. So what? When confronted with the unbounded joy of a great tacos find commitments must be made. The little guys are $1.05 a shot. We get 4 a pass and could do more. First day we did trips - carnitas, al Pastor and asda. Second pass the marginal al Pastor was bumped and replaced with another carnitas. The carnitas is not the crispy joy we find at Salsa and Beer over on White Oak. Not to say they are not good it's hard to beat theS&B carntias taco. The Taco Mexico asada meat is first rate, crispy no funny stuff.

The place is light on salsa, no chips, no beans just great tacos on a cheap paper plate and huge drinks, 32 oz monsters I figure.

Bottom line - one of the best truck tacos you'll ever get sans truck. At $1.05 a taco you wanna get lots and lots of them and toss them down like potato chips.

Next - if we can manage to drive by Taco Mexico without stopping, we may hit the Taco Zorro across Sherman Way. Keep watching.

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