Saturday, October 10, 2009

La Playita - Marina Del Rey

Seems odd that we have not found a good truck in Van Nuys. It's Saturday lunch time so in Venice it's La Playita time. They are found near the storage rental place on Glencoe just south of CostCo. The truck can be found six days a week there. Its' run by a bunch of fine fellows. La Playia is mobile arm of the La Playia stand on Lincoln Blvd up from Whole Foods. We've been fans of the Lincoln stand for years, but the parking is tough and there is always a line of taco hounds on Lincoln.

It's always the same - two asada tacos, two carnitas tacos, two ceviche. Seven bucks for the whole deal (no drink). The ceviche comes with two regulation fried torillas for scooping.

A lot people lack the huevos to eat truck ceviche in any form at any location. Some of the more courageous truck reviewers have paid a heavy price when sampling truck seafood. We've done this run 15 or 20 times and have never gotten sick.
The tacos are standard issue truck tacos. Quality is very high. No nasty stuff in the asada and the carnitas are first class. La Playita is a full menu truck with all the "exotics" buche etc. We stay away from the connective tissues and the organ meats so you are on your own in this area.

Final pix here shows two of these puppies ready for consumption. $1.35 a shot and nothing more to add but the call for dos mas.

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