Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Finding good BBQ has always been a challenge here in LA. There have been some good finds. The Rib Nest, the long lost and much lamented "Pig" on La Brea, the hard to find "Spring Street Smokehouse" down near Philppes. Baby Blue is a popular Venice hang out but their sides are a bit fancy for our taste. At present the current gold standard is the absolutely fantastic "Johnny Rebs" in Long Beach - but that's a long haul for pork.

We were coming back from another - yes 4 times in 5 days - Taco Mexico run when Mom's pops up on the radar. Set back in a strip mall near Hazeltine and Van Owen. We made it there today.

Here the crew is sizing up the offerings. This is a full boat BBQ operation. Pork, beef, chicken and fried fish with the usual sides.

NA went for the pork slice sandwich with a mac and cheese side. Excellent.

HD and RD went for the beef ribs - $10 and change gets you 3 monster ribs, two sides, some sliced white bread and a drink.

I went for the pork ribs. But the picture from my cheap Iphone knockoff was awful.

Ok - all restraint is lost - Mom's is the best BBQ place in LA. J Reb is still my favorite for chicken and pulled pork - but Mom blows away every rib place in town. And I bet the chicken and fried catfish are world class too.

Guess the "yeah it's good but Maurice's Piggie Park in West Columbia SC is the real thing". days are gone for good. Sorry Maurice.

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